Goal: streamline the internal repairs process.
Online since: 2019

We needed a new way to streamline our repairs process. Customers have a product that they need repaired. We used to do this with email, but things got lost and were very hard to follow up.

I created a website that uses multiple plugins, Formidable Forms being one of them.

When a request comes in via email, our Customer Service fills in the form on the (internal) website. This generates a unique RMA number and a .pdf file with our address and the RMA number on it. This is send to the customer. They use that to send the product to us. WordPress also creates a unique QR code that is printed on the .pdf page. When the product comes in, our warehouse can scan the QR code and update the dashboard with the current status.

Via the dashboard, all of our departments now have an overview of the current workload and status of different repairs.

This not only made the whole process more insightful, but reduced the number of days a repair can take. Everybody wins!

We also use the data that WordPress and Formidable Forms generate to improve our products. We now know very quickly which products or parts require more repairs and can act upon that.