Goal: register Sales activities.
Online since: 2019

In the past our Sales department (about 15 people) filled in Excel sheets with the activities they did that week. Think of customers they visited, products they used, customer they trained. I wondered if I could make something with WordPress that could replace the old Excel sheets...

I created a website with WordPress and Formidable Forms. Our Sales people can now fill in a form on their phone directly after an activity. This replaces the clumsy Excel sheets completely. We now have a (kind of) live overview of what happens with our products and customers in the field. The manager can log-in and download a .CSV file with all activities to create all kind of graphs.

In the Netherlands we have gathered over 10.000 forms so far. This creates a great overview of the state of our products in the field and how we use them.

Not long after there was interest in this website from other countries. So far I've created this website for Germany, England, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, United States, Ireland and Australia. Together we have collected at least 25.000 forms.

Unfortunately (for me...) some of these countries have switched to a dedicated CRM system to replace WordPress but in Germany, Ireland and the UK, WordPress still rocks on!