Hivemapper impressions

The last thirteen days, after I opened the doors and let Placemark into the world, have been a blur. Mostly the good kind!

It came down to a question of whether the things I thought should be priorities were actually the priorities. I had a backlog that could easily have stretched a few more weeks into the future, and by the time I was done with those tasks I probably would have found some more that seemed like a priority. But there’s a real danger of going too far down the wrong road with these things.

This is an image of a kitchen.

What I learned was a great mix of confirmations - that what I’m building is useful - and surprises, about what’s important and what troubles people run into. Reacting and improving in response to those has been exciting. For quite a few emails, I was able to ship the feature or the fix before I wrote a response. My focus now is on improvements, then changelogs, then another changelog, then more documentation to round it all out.